Winter came, up north

We traveled north seeking winter snow. Xenia caught the flue on her school trip to Austria and passed it on to Inna. Hence, no big time family cross-country skiing this time round. But we did visit some locations of interest, investigating the Swedish real estate market for a potential future investment.

Sweden June & August 2018

Xenia return from her exchange year in Hawaii
First visit summer 2018 with Xenia and her friend Mason from Hawaii. Xenia just returned from her exchange year, Jan prepared for Afghanistan, then Australia, July 2018. Took two days off to shoot a little romantic music clip with the two. Xenia clearly the boss, Mason the creative easy hand on the Aldi Gitarre. Both very cool for the teens they are.

Xenia’s 17th birthday
Early August: spent some 14 days up north to celebrate Xenias 17th birthday to the tunes of ABBA.